Theanan Seaview Villas are owned and operated by the Papageorgiou family.


It all started over 40 years ago when Garry (Kyriakos) Papageorgiou looked after the land where the villas are now located, harvesting the produce from the olive trees for olive oil and the carob trees for carob honey.


When it was time for Garry to pursue tertiary studies he went to Australia for what he thought would be 4 years instead it took him 40 years to come back to Cyprus permanently. In those years he married Katerina and had two daughters Thea & Anna and had studied and become a builder. Garry through the years had returned to Cyprus on holidays and when it was time to retire in Australia he wanted to come back to the home of his youth, retirement didn’t last long and as a man who is used to hard work he was itching to do something with his time.


Owning the same land he worked as a boy Garry planned to build is own house and some holiday villas which he could tend to in his semi retirement, so he sat down with his daughter Thea, an interior architect and they designed a private holiday community of 8 villas, which paid homage to the Greek style architecture of Garry’s mother’s house in the village, typical Greek island style flat roofed, white washed walls with colourful shutters.


The design of the villas was of importance to the family as they sadly saw that many local developer paid no concern to design nor to the environment and squeezed in as many building as they could, the Papageorgiou’s on the other hand believed in the philosophy of ‘less is more’ and they also believed the existing environmental elements had to be considered. Therefore all the villas were situated on their own large private landscaped property and were designed and orientated not only to take in the beautiful countryside and sea views but to also take advantage of the natural breezes off the coast known as the Meltemi winds and adjustable shutters were used to help regulate the sun light and heat entering the villas, all this was done to lessen the reliance on air-conditioning (which is provided in the villas).


The gardens play are large part in the uniqueness of Theanan Seaview Villas they were designed to pay tribute to the surrounding landscape and Mediterranean the villas were situated to create a minimal disturbance to the existing trees, some being over 100 years old, these trees all thriving once more are providing again an abundance of olive oil for the family. Only plants that could withstand the heat with minimal water requirements were used. Garry created hand cut stone gardens walls in the style of the old walls seen scattered around the neighbouring fields. A labour of love the warm stones of the sand stone walls counterbalance the stunning cool white of the villas. The gardens are a riot of colour and fragrance and are alive with birds and butterflies, more olive and carob trees were planted, fragrant lavender, musk geraniums, basil, rosemary, colourful bougainvilleas and hibiscus are just some of the countless plants blooming in these truly unique Mediterranean gardens.


The villas also had to be given a name so Garry decided to call the whole community after his daughters Thea and Anna so ‘Theanan Seaview Villas’ was born, all the villas had to be named too so with a lot of deliberation the villas were named, Meltemi (named after the winds off the coast), Lefki (ancient Greek for white representing the villa colours), Adelphi (meaning the sister), Kianos (ancient Greek for blue representing the sea and the sky), Ilios (Greek for sun), Neos (an abbreviation of Neophytos, Garry’s father’s name) and finally Keti (a Greek abbreviation of Katerina, Garry’s wife).


When the villas were finished in 2001 Garry he handed over the running of the villas to various well known UK villa agencies. However he saw how the agencies representatives didn’t provide the standard of service that he knew he could provide so in 2005 Garry and the family decided to go it alone without the big operators and they haven’t looked backed since. The Papageorgiou family now can provide great prices, unparallel services for their guests and they are on call 24 hours a day as they live within the community. You will see Garry tending the gardens and the swimming pools everyday so you can have crystal clear waters for your enjoyment and health, Thea is your point of contact when you make your enquiries and reservations and is all too happy to help with all your questions. A great source of pride to the family is having a loyal guest base who keep coming back in some cases twice a year.


Garry’s life has taken him full circle from a boy toiling away on the land not dreaming that 40 years later he would back on the same land tending the same olive trees and loving looking after his legacy to his family ‘Theanan Seaview Villas’ which he is proud of.